Monir Jewellery is a brand founded by Monir Kienzl. Born and raised in Austria, she is the daughter of an Iranian mother and an Austrian father. She is a genuine jewellery addict and lover of art.

Monir has been actively involved in the art scene in many ways for years, and also manages a art gallery based in Vienna. After successfully completing training as a jewellery designer and many years of developing pieces in her own atelier, she came to the decision to found her own label.

Monir works with austrian and german goldsmiths and manufacturers producing for her label. Each piece is handcrafted and individually unique. All materials are authentic and high-quality: gemstones, jewellery stones, and precious metals.

What materials are the
jewellery made of?

We only work with 925 sterling silver.

What materials are the
gold jewellery?

The main material is 925 sterling silver
as well. All platings are 14 carat red
gold or 24 carat fine gold.

What materials are the
black jewellery made of?

It´s also 925 sterling silver just with a
layer of oxidized or rhodium tocreate
the black look.

All surface treatments will fade over
time because of contact with sweat,
perfume, hairspray, air pollution and
others. Everyday or very frequent wear,
may speed up this process, especially
on items like rings and bracelets which
have lots of contact.

How should the jewellery be
treated and cleaned?

Keep the jewellery in a bag, when you
are not wearing it. Please avoid direct
contact with perfume, water or any
other fluid. To clean your jewellery, you
can use a soft toothbrush and wash the
piece with mild soap and warm water.
Please dry well.